الثلاثاء، 21 مارس 2006

When did you last..... think?

"You're still here? Very Well. I guess we got someone interested in this blog."

So tell me,

When was the last time you thought deeply of an issue that can least be described as "an issue of value"?
Did your mind make that old squeaking noise? Did you smell dust coming out of your head? Mice?

When was the last time you had a mind-nourishing conversation with your friends?
You know, like expressing your point of view about one of the current affairs. Or much better, discussing it.
Did you ever discuss a book you read with friends?

When was the last time you went for a drive in the busiest street in town on a Friday's night?
Did you get the shivers seeing all those countless youths just standing in the streets doing nothing? "Why are they standing there?" you ask yourself.
Or did you actually find it amusing and kind of a 'flavored' night life?

When was the last time you boasted in front of your friends how great and full of knowledge your father is?
Did you ever imagine, for one second, what you would like your son to be telling his friends about you?
Do you want him to be making fun of his old no-good father who does nothing better than watching sitcoms?
Or do you want him to bring his friends home everyday just so that they would meet his amazing father and sit with him?
Did that ever occur to you?Why not?

When was the last time you decided to watch a movie just because you heard that this specific movie really has a strong, meaningful and enlightening storyline? Did you watch "Crash"?
Driving on your way home after the movie, did you keep thinking of the amazing ideas in this movie? Did you feel that the way you view the world has changed?
Or all you're interested in is watching the same old kill-the-villains-save-the-world-love-the-girl oriented action movies?

So tell me,

Did you get this almost-invisible smile while reading the above questions?
Did you pause for a moment after each question, gaze away from the monitor, and REALLY think about that question?

If your answer was NO,please do the following:
1-Get rid of anything that's distracting you.
2-Adjust your sitting position.
3-Focus all your attention on that reflective thing in front of you called 'a monitor'.
4-Read the post from the beginning. But, please, try thinking...differently.

Now, do you agree with me that one of the biggest problems facing our society in general, youths and teenagers to be more specific, is the lack of a clear thinking methodology?

I'm not here to give ready solutions. I'm here to take part in the process of brainstorming for finding suitable solutions.

If you look at yourself from an external view, do you see yourself as a good thinker?

Do you see your mind as a ready to "clone-and-ship" mind? Or is it a mind that needs, what can be called, "Intellectual Upgrading"?

Let's agree on a new thinking methodology to spread. Let's call it "Intellectual Upgrading". How this methodology works is very simple:

  • Each participant (that means you!) will work in his own environment. You will work with your friends. She will work with her colleagues at work. Those twins will work with their family.
  • Each participant will have to strive to achieve a new, classy way of thinking in his own environement.
    (Don't think "classy" as in flashy clothes and garish colors.)
  • You'll have to come up with new ways to spend time, new ways to have fun with others, new ways to study, and even new ways for sitting with yourself.
  • Always judge what you're doing by asking yourself: "Is there value behind what I'm doing? Or is it just a complete waste of time?"

Of course, don't over do it so as not to drive yourself (or others) crazy. Just take it one step at a time.

The main goal of this topic: Let's develop a new,better way of THINKING.

Remember, If you're tired of the random way in which our society is living, don't just keep complaining. Be the first to make a move, change the way you think, and help others do so as well.

To sum up,

tell me,

When did you last... Think?

Click on the small cute link below labeled "Comments" and enter your answer to this question and any other ideas that would help spice up the discusssion for this topic.

Remember, regarding this topic, the comments are more important than the post itself. So, keep your comments clear, keep them fruitful, keep them creative, and don't spare any word.

Thanks for thinking,

Your host(who's been trying to think a lot lately),


الجمعة، 10 مارس 2006

Being Sary Al-Assad

"Please come closer... have a seat... and enjoy seeing the world through my eyes..."

I've always thought of a blog space to be some kind of a portal into the mind of its writer... whatever was his ideology, whatever were his hobbies, and no matter how moderate or extreme was his way of thinking... you could just sit in front of your computer... sip slowly from a warm cup of coffee... and indulge into the mind of your host as you read through his blog...!!

This may sound familiar to those who watched the movie "Being John Malkovich"... with the little difference that, in the movie, you actually enter a portal on the 7 1/2 floor of a building, and end up in the consciousness of John Malkovich watching what he does in his life through his eyes for 15 minutes, then you get dropped out of his mind. However, in the case of my blog, the portal is your monitor, and you can stay for as long as you like. Very generous of me, ha!

So... to make a long story short, what I mean to do with my blog (MY BLOG...MY BLOG...M-I-N-E!!) is to jot down in it all my special moments, happy and sad occasions, my opinion on any of the current affairs or old issues without restricting myself to a field of politics,sports,technology or anything else... whatever I see suitable for publishing, will be published.

I'm not an expert in any of the above issues, but I believe that if everyone expressed his points of view freely (but in a RESPONSIBLE way), we would be able to reach better understanding between individuals... groups of people... and -hopefully- one day, different cultures.

What I won't publish??
I'm not a big fan of copy-and-paste methods... I don't like copying forwards I receive in my mail to my blog... I will never do that unless this thing is VERY relevant and REALLY serves my issue.
I also refuse publishing any thing (text or images) that I consider to be immoral, or that would insult the beliefs of other people. However, I'll use my right for constructive criticism of any issue or person.

I'll try to keep my posts funny but not farce, serious but not dull.

Human beings are creatures that can't live alone.... and to make sure that I'm not writing this blog to myself, please be kind to leave a small comment on any post you find worth commenting on... make me feel IMPORTANT!!!

Who I am... What I do... What I like/dislike... How I think... those questions are to be answered as you read through future posts in the soap-opera of my life...

Thanks a lot, bookmark this page, and -kindly- visit my mind soon...

your host,