الجمعة، 10 مارس 2006

Being Sary Al-Assad

"Please come closer... have a seat... and enjoy seeing the world through my eyes..."

I've always thought of a blog space to be some kind of a portal into the mind of its writer... whatever was his ideology, whatever were his hobbies, and no matter how moderate or extreme was his way of thinking... you could just sit in front of your computer... sip slowly from a warm cup of coffee... and indulge into the mind of your host as you read through his blog...!!

This may sound familiar to those who watched the movie "Being John Malkovich"... with the little difference that, in the movie, you actually enter a portal on the 7 1/2 floor of a building, and end up in the consciousness of John Malkovich watching what he does in his life through his eyes for 15 minutes, then you get dropped out of his mind. However, in the case of my blog, the portal is your monitor, and you can stay for as long as you like. Very generous of me, ha!

So... to make a long story short, what I mean to do with my blog (MY BLOG...MY BLOG...M-I-N-E!!) is to jot down in it all my special moments, happy and sad occasions, my opinion on any of the current affairs or old issues without restricting myself to a field of politics,sports,technology or anything else... whatever I see suitable for publishing, will be published.

I'm not an expert in any of the above issues, but I believe that if everyone expressed his points of view freely (but in a RESPONSIBLE way), we would be able to reach better understanding between individuals... groups of people... and -hopefully- one day, different cultures.

What I won't publish??
I'm not a big fan of copy-and-paste methods... I don't like copying forwards I receive in my mail to my blog... I will never do that unless this thing is VERY relevant and REALLY serves my issue.
I also refuse publishing any thing (text or images) that I consider to be immoral, or that would insult the beliefs of other people. However, I'll use my right for constructive criticism of any issue or person.

I'll try to keep my posts funny but not farce, serious but not dull.

Human beings are creatures that can't live alone.... and to make sure that I'm not writing this blog to myself, please be kind to leave a small comment on any post you find worth commenting on... make me feel IMPORTANT!!!

Who I am... What I do... What I like/dislike... How I think... those questions are to be answered as you read through future posts in the soap-opera of my life...

Thanks a lot, bookmark this page, and -kindly- visit my mind soon...

your host,

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Hadeel يقول...

Way to go Sary, this should be interesting.. I promise I will read each BLOG you write..

غير معرف يقول...

selam sary

it s really great idea and here i can emphasize that u really changed a lot for the best inshaAllah...and i like your s really nice...Allah iwf2ak
take care

zeina M

Amzoooo يقول...

Proudly Visitor #1....hehehe...
keep on keepin on ya important...

Peace Out


Hisham يقول...

i'd like to say congratulatios on the blog man...

Amer Abbas يقول...

Come on Sari, Who wants to be in your mind, when people are avoiding your neighbourhood ;). We love you man we hope your blog will be useful, resourceful and fun, Insha'Allah we will continue to visit your mind if you guarentee no harm.

Rayya يقول...


blog mubarak & 3o2bal el mail server...

thank you for the World thru Sary's eyes invitation. Please keep the lense clean and the shots frequent.

You Matter, Man

Mohammad Zurqan يقول...

Salaam Sari,

Allah Yewafgak.

Man...I am looking forward to be in your mind. I liked the idea.

Make your next post about me :)


Ahmed Mansour يقول...

I found the introduction very interesting!! Well done...I am looking forward to your posts...Interested to know what is in your mind...and maybe challenge you sometimes :)
I hope you will update your blog often...I have bookmarked it as you said, but if I check it several times and I dont find it updated, I will delete it! :)

onur يقول...

Salam tell the truth i wasn't sure if the introduction was written by you, since it was so nicely written! im proud of you..hehe
take care and goodluck..


zika يقول...

hey assad, congrats for ur blogspot, can't wait for ur next blog, and u can write my name if there's something about me ;)

anyway try not to make it as deep as "being john malcovic" i want to understand what u'll be saying !!

i'm sure u'll make it funny and interesting .. keep going man and good luck

Amjad يقول...

U KNOW WHAT SARY!!! YOU LOOK LIKE AN AWESOME BLOGGER...i can't wait till you start blogging on daily basis...your def. on my favourite list.....
and by the way..ill never forget the day where you refered to me in one of your essays that im the 1 who made you stop reading while you were a


ABOUD يقول...

Way to go man.
And a nice starting.

Samer Abbas يقول...

You've just created a paradox! This first entry is both very elegant and heavily Sary-flavoured!

Good thing you gave us a way to check your mental health.. teehee!

Seriously though, 1up to you for a very nice first post.

Anyways, I bookmarked your blog; looking forward for enlightment and entertainment.

Yalla ya Kabamaro, eghzul qulub!

Seifebyari يقول...

Sary, my dear cousin, very nice introduction , looking forward to read your next blogs, but i'm warnning you now , don't write anything bad about Egypt or Egyptians !!!! ;)

Eyad Mojahed يقول...

salam simtix lion

nice blog, nice try :)

try to invite us to lunch not to your mind :)
or like this, or this, this? ,this? :)
you ??

Alia يقول...

Dear Sary …


That was a truly nice introduction! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts!

Good Luck Sary!

Mariam يقول...

Heyyyy S@rY...I really like what u wrote fl introduction gamdaa awi:)
w 3agabetny fekret lookin to the world through ur eyes..bardo ta3'yeer 3an my eyes shwaya..

U r mind is tooo deep i'm afraid of drowning in it:P
La2 bas walahi betfakar kwayess mesh zay el 3ada ya3ni:P

I promise I'll read every blog u add or subject,bardo el saqafa 7elwa...

W maybe 1 day I'll do my own blog w teb2a tigi tezorni bardo :)

MASR betsalem 3aleik w say HIIII to all el 2ordoneya. w rabena yewafa2ak isa isa.

Bent 7'altak M@r!aM ;)

Hala D. يقول...

Sary i really liked your blog .. it's really great !

muneeb arrabi يقول...

I liked what you wrote sary. but I don't ... could you write some shorter blogs every now and then. These shorter blogs will be nice in case you're reading the blogs 4am in the morning and don't like to disappoint your friend by not reading his blogs.

one more point... the topics till now are really wonderful.

Could you give a blog about recent books you read that are interesting.

oooohhhh... am I too demanding, for a moment i thought this is my blog.

sorry man.. take care my friend. and amer abbas rooh kub halak.... just kiddin'g i miss you.

BIGMOH83 يقول...

Man this was a master piece of work , keep the good work on
And inshallah good luck of this starting

menna يقول...

hi sary i like ur block very much w i ll be a regular visitor isa .....sa7bet mariam:d