الخميس، 2 نوفمبر 2006


Alt-shifting my keyboard back to English, I've decided to document the Euro-trip I made last July with my brother, Hashem, to Paris and London.

Why? Because of the nice memories that I want to share with all of you.
Why? Because it was the first time I traveled abroad with Hashem, just the two of us.
Why? Because as many nice memories I have about this trip, as many new things I have learnt and as many new ways to look at life I have gained.
Why in English? Because I feel that things about which I’m going to talk have to be described in their original language. Let’s call it the most ideal environment for growing these euro-born memories.
Getting philosophical? No, just read on and you'll agree.

This post is an introduction.
I’ll describe why we decided to go on this trip, but not what we did.
I’ll describe what kind of things you should expect to read in future posts, but I won’t mention what their contents are per se.
I’ll put you in the mood, set up the scenario, and get you excited to start reading future posts. However I won’t give you the pleasure of knowing their contents yet.

It all started last year with an idea that Hashem had. "We should travel together."
Amazing idea!
To make a long story short, months after Hashem's suggestion, 2 seats were booked for me and him on a plane going to Paris on the 7th of July. Another 2 seats were booked on a plane coming back from London 9 days later.
We're in the mood, ready to speak French (Nous nous appellons Sary et Hashem) and drink English tea for 9 days.
Digital camera, video camera. Check! Fully armed with skinny digital devices.

Friday, our plane left the Jordanian grounds and off we go; 2 young adventurous men who know nothing about the word "Fear",facing a mysterious future, and... ok that's enough.

Future posts? No diaries. Just highlights about certain incidents and people that are both fun to read about and useful to know.
Pictures will be posted, places will be described, feelings will be expressed, reader (you) will be amused. And of course, each post will be concluded with the famous sary-flavoured moral of the day.

Stay tuned, don't forget your cup of coffee, and amuse me with your comments,
Indiana Jones...
sorry... Sary

Plane view

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Ora يقول...

Didn't you just LOVE Paris…
One thing that we might have shared in this experience is how quick all the French we learnt in school came back to haunt us… I wish I paid closer attention during class though!
Well Sary, you've just given me the motive to continue my story… keep tuning to compare notes ;)

A Mansour يقول...

I am looking forward to much to the future posts...please please please dont make them once in a month...or else your reader will lose interest! once per week will be good....
and if I dont find our meeting as one of the main highlights, then I will delete this post from my favourites and not read it again

Maher يقول...

It only took you one visit to switch back to english!! impressive.

Samer يقول...

'back' to English?..

ساري يقول...

Paris is nice and interesting. However and contrary to my previous expectations, I liked London more. Details in future posts. And actually I had fair French knowledge back at school but lack of practice after graduation harmed me.

A Mansour:
Don't worry, this time it's on a weekly-basis en sha2 Allah.
By the way, the days we spent together in London aren't highlights, they are the whole trip for me and Hashem. You made our time extremely enjoyable.

Maher and Samer:
Thanks for annoying me both with your wrong way of understanding. I thought I made it clear from the beginning when I switched to Arabic that most of my posts will be in Arabic because it's my tongue language and because I love this language. However I also made it clear that this doesn't mean I'm against using English every now and then when it was suitable to do so.
In other words, I'm writing my euro memories in English, but switching back afterwards to Arabic. And could shift back to English when suitable.

P.S. Maher and Samer, although you're both annoying, I love you as my best friends. Annoying but friends.

Maher يقول...

If so then maybe you should write the Paris part in french then.

ساري يقول...


Mariam يقول...

Heyyyyyy...Lookin forward to travel the world through ur thoughts:> w i think tht u're brave to do such a thing, w kaman it was about time for u and 4 Hashem to travel alone:> ma3 ba3d 2 c who ll kill the other first:P(kidding:P)....hope it wont b the last w waiting 4 u next bolg akeed isa! bye

ساري يقول...

بعد مرور عام و نصف على كتابة هذه التدوينة و تعليقاتها، أجد نفسي مضطراً للاعتراف أن وجهة نظري كانت خاطئة و أن وجهة نظر أصدقائي ماهر و سامر كانت صحيحة.

من غير المنطقي أن أقوم بالتدوين باللغة الانجليزية فقط لأنني أدون عن زيارة لبلاد أوروبية! فهذا قد يعتبر اقراراً مني أن اللغة العربية ليس لديها القدرة على التعبير أو تنقصها المصطلحات اللازمة للتعبير عن أمور تحدث في أزمنة و أمكنة متعددة.

أرى نفسي -مرة أخرى- مضطراً للاعتراف و الاعتذار. العيب لبس في لغتنا العربية انما فيمن يهاب استعمالها للتعبير عن شتى أمور حياته.


غير معرف يقول...

It's really interesting to revisit this after such a long time. I don't remember that I suggesested that we should travel together.hmmm.Did I really like you then?

ساري يقول...

حلوة يا هاشم... حلوة :)
أنا كنت مبسوط يا فكاهي...

غير معرف يقول...

Oh Sary! You have uncovered my identity. You carefully and meticuoulously examined all the evidence to conclude that it is no otha than yo brotha.You have good Arabic, good English and good analytical skills. Zeina is a very lucky lady:)