الاثنين، 4 ديسمبر 2006

Euro trip (2): Bonjour Paris!

Theme from "Indiana Jones" in the back of my head mixed with
the sound of plane wheels screeching on the Charles de Gaulle
International Airport's runway. Today, Indiana is speaking French.

Sitting in the bus on our way to our hotel in Euro-Disney, hearing our tour guide talking but barely listening, Hashem and I could not help but admire the greenish landscape and the unbelievably clean streets outside the wide window. The streets looked as if they were just paved that morning.

As if this greenery wasn't enough, we entered the suburbs of Paris where all those nice, simple and very family-oriented 2-storey houses reside. I started imagining housewives baking hot bread inside, husband and children playing in the garden. Why? I guess those refreshing nature scenes encourage everyone to think of the things he likes, and it seems that's what I like: Warm, loving and happy families.

However, landscape being green, streets being clean and houses looking nice were just a small part of what really amused us. A main tourist attraction (at least to us it was) were the hundreds of Graffiti paintings screaming loudly yet gently on the walls and fences all the way down the street from the airport to the suburbs. My mind was thinking: "Why wouldn't the municipality of Paris prevent those young foolish kids from drawing them?" Then it struck me, that's exactly what the officials want; add a nice artistic touch to Paris, let the youth develop their talents in something useful, and in the same time, keep them busy so as to stay away from trouble. Brilliant!

Flashing back to the Taxis that were standing in front of the airport, I remembered how bright and clean they were. What looked strange when I first saw them was the scene of a girl driving one of them. Back then, I had no idea that as we went on with our trip, this would no longer be a strange scene to me.

"There's a car accident ahead of us", commented the tour guide cutting my flashback and pointing out to the traffic jam that suddenly appeared from nowhere.

"Oh well", I whispered. "now we can peacefully admire those nice Graffitis."


Next post

Our 2-day stay in Euro-Disney. It's a small world after all indeed.

Make your voice heard

Did you like this post? What kind of scenes do you enjoy? Do you start having warm feelings when you look at nice scenes? What are those feelings or thoughts? Make your voice heard today and leave a comment.

You don't have to be an artist to feel beauty. Whether it was calm green lands, colorful drawings on walls or even just you chatting with your mind, you can always enjoy your time in a traffic jam if your spirit allows it.

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Mala2e6 يقول...

Good morning sary

we have this cool book tag and you've been tagged


ساري يقول...

Salam Mala2e6,
Thanks a lot for tagging me...

I'll respond to the tag in a few days en sha2 Allah...


A Mansour يقول...

Welcome back!

Maher يقول...

Sary, in few days!!! is the book closest to you that far.

ساري يقول...

A Mansour:
Yes, I'm back. Partly because I want to stop being lazy in posting. But mostly because you threatened to boycott my blog if I didn't post anything new :)

Hey you didn't lose your sense of humor. :|

P.S. I'm a dictator. One more of those jokes and my next post would be about you! :|

P.S.2 Actually it was a smart and funny comment. :) Miss you

Samer يقول...

Maher, we really miss you man. Sary behaved when you were here!

Sary, 'twas a nice post. Especially the idling in the bus part.

I really wish to go on a Euro-Trip sometime in the future (the version of it where I have money). But Japan-trip takes the priority..

sou desu ne!

ساري يقول...

Thanks for being the first person to comment on the content of my post :)

Of course I behave when Maher is here, that bully...

I'm happy you liked the post. I hope you will like future posts.
What really fascinated me in this trip is how you get to see new cultures and... oh you'll have to wait for future posts.

And Samer:
Mahda kai? Madada yo!

SaraDudin يقول...

Sary :) ..

Lovely post - specially the admiring of nature part. I would love to pay paris a visit once. Actually i once planned for it 2 years ago but then couldnt make it due to some financial reasons PLUS visa expired! well, whatever that was, It was not meant for me to go that time!...

It is how you view and percieve things PLUS keeping a high and optimistic spirit what makes you enjoy your time where ever you were - in traffic or in nature ;)

I am looking forward to the next post! Disney!! ;)


ساري يقول...


I'm happy you liked the post. A main reason for me writing personal posts is to make sure people enjoy my memories with me.

If I were you, I'd make use of my studying in England to grab a qiuck 2-day visit to Paris. In the end, it's a 2-hour train trip from London to Paris. You'd just have to solve the accomodation (money) and VISA issues.

You've summarized what I tried to say in my post: You could be in an awfully organized trip with awful weather but still enjoy your time because you want to. And Vice versa. This is a secret I hope everyone would know. I wish it won't be a secret anymore.

Keep tuned,

SaraDudin يقول...


Well, it seems as if you are IN our conversations "Ola and I" Lol..

Last October, we were discussing going to paris in a suitable time sometime in April, 2007 Inshallah. However, the visa procedures are a big hassle in here when we asked about them, Schengen Visa.. So we'll see about that... Paris is in my plans!

Meanwhile, I'd like to hear about it from your posts.. .So, I'll Stay TUNED! ;)